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Yoga is an ancient yet sophisticated system of self-development. The word "yoga" derives from the Sanskrit root meaning no bind/ join, or yoke and conveys the sense of union or communion. So literally, is a method for "yoking" body, mind and spirit into harmonious wholeness. Yoga with Silvia is based on the classical Yoga. The classical Yoga was first described as a systematic approach to Self-realization by Maharishi Patanjali about 200 B.C. His classical text, the "Yoga Sutras", describes the nature of the mind and ways to control its restlessness. (Hatha Yoga postures and the teachings of Yoga Sutras).
Increased flexibility · Improved muscle tone · Reduction in heart rate, ventilation, and muscle tension · Increased blood flow to the extremities · Pain management · Relief of anxiety, stress/ depression · Enhanced self-awareness · Emotional tranquility
In YOGA we use co nscious breaching and body awareness to, as B.K.S. lyengar puts it, "infuse our physical movements and postures with intelligence." Outward perception and inner reflection interact and inform each other within the postures "interweaving all the threads and fibers of our being" as the body, mind and spirit learn to work together.


The asanas or postures are designed to realign and balance our neuromuscular system and to direct energy in beneficial ways. But mindfulness and effort are more important to this process than formal correctness. The ideal forms lend focus and direction to our strivings as we "grow into" postures from within. The trick is to gently push against limits without exceeding them, scanning our body with full awareness, making small adjustments, finding a place of balance and ease within each posture.
Integrative Yoga Therapy looks at the individual as a whole person: Body – Mind – Spirit. Present and past; emotions and intellect Using breath and stretching movement (yoga) to release the body’s energetic pattern Integrative Yoga Therapy seeks to enable clients to live fully in their body. How do you live fully in one body? Let’s say: Meditation is an experiential expression of a unity that already exists. If there were no polarity there would be nothing but meditation. Unity = relaxation. Separation = stress To define stress - chronically separation must be present Yoga therapy is based on the five koshas, or levels of being. By recognizing separation in individuals or groups at the level of the * physical body, * energetic body, * psycho-emotional body, * wisdom body and, * bliss body, A yoga therapist can facilitate wellness at all levels by designing a program with appropriate yogic techniques. Keeping the five Koshas, or levels of being in mind, we realize that at the same time as being physical beings, we are also mental, emotional and spiritual entities. We are multi-dimensional; none of these aspects can be ignored. For women, Yoga is especially helpful for the natural transitions of life. You will find many simple practices to help you stay healthy, calm, and strong, and to carry you forward in a natural progression toward wisdom, real beauty, and the strength of realized grace that belongs to all women. From the holistic viewpoint no one thing is independent of another. An imbalance in any one of the five Koshas can filter through to manifest symptoms in any of the others. When there are mental, emotional or pranic imbalances, the stress will tend to appear on the weakest organ of the physical body. I


Yogic transformation takes time. It cannot be forced or rushed. There are no shortcuts, cheats or magic bullets. Attempting to push past your limits puts current progress at risk: a muscle or ligament strain could set you back days or even weeks. Pain is information. Be aware of what your body is telling you. Mild discomfort or a subtle, bone-deep ache is good: it means the movements and postures are working. Stabbing pains or sharp burning sensations are danger sign and indicating that you've gone too far or too fast.

Silvia’s yoga therapy sessions are

as fallowed

A one on one yoga therapy session may be 1

hour to 1.5 hours long. It is non-invasive,

multimodal, self-care oriented and has

various combinations of: body awareness,

physical exercises, * breathing exercises,

relaxation exercises, guided imagery ,

chakra balance, visualization, ** meditation,

yogasage, somatic, body mapping and

listening. Since each person is unique, the

modalities used will vary somewhat

depending upon individual needs and


Group yoga therapy session is 1 hour. Silvia’s yoga class will start out with relaxation, warm up, work out, cool down and relaxation. It is non-invasive, self-care oriented and will have various combinations of: body awareness, physical exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises, guided imagery, chakra balance, guided meditation. I prefer that you utilize the wall or props to help you adjust. Adjust yourself only as far as you are comfortable (no pain) to prevent injury. When you are doing postures remember there are no goals to obtain no technique to perfect and always listen to the wisdom of your body and let that be your true teacher. Always allow yourself to come out of the posture when your body wants to, regardless of my instruction and feel free to change any movement to fit your needs. There should be no forcing or straining. Be aware of your body’s limitations, and know that regardless of your strength and flexibility if you focus a 100 % on what you are doing you will receive a 100% of the benefit. It is my goal to guide you and help you find your inner core. Namaste


* Pranajama: Is the fundamental life force within and around our physical body. Prana meaning the fundamental life force and yama meaning to control, restrain or channel. Pranajama therefore is channeling the life force which is air or breath. Prana is distributed throughout the body through a series of channels called nadis of which there are said to be 72000. There is a main channel within the spine called sushumna and two secondary channels on either side called Ida and Pingala. The seven energy centers or charkas could likened to lakes through which the prana energy flows and is stored. Blockage within any of the channels or within the energy centers is related to imbalance at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. ** Meditation: Meditation is about going into peace and quiet, clearing your mind of troublesome thoughts and allowing yourself to drift into a wonderful state of relaxation, through which you can gain clear insights into what you really want and who you really are. In the yoga classes I will give guided meditation so your mind can follow along and relax your physical and mental state of being. Namaste Silvia
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